Bracelet for women

The bracelet is for a woman a fashion accessory in its own right and an everyday item of jewellery!

It is an essential that reflects a person’s self-image and style. Certainly right after the watch, depending on whether one buys a real piece of jewellery or a fancy bracelet.

At LE MARTINE, there are models in all materials, in fabric, leather, plastic or metal (gold-plated, steel, silver, gold-plated metal).

Whatever the type of wrist, small or large, we can adapt the model to your size.

Nothing could be simpler, whether it is for you or as a gift, we can make your bracelet to measure.

Just leave us an additional note when you validate your order with the desired size of the bracelet instead of our standard size.

The new jewellery trend is to wear a multitude of bracelets on your wrist.

The first rule is not to overdo it. With small, thin bracelets you can dare to do anything and wear up to seven or eight of them. Larger bracelets can only be worn as two or three. The most important thing is not to overload your wrist and not to go beyond the forearm.

As an anecdote, before, it was forbidden to wear gold and silver at the same time. Silver, a metal that was not precious enough, could distort the value of gold.

In 1924, the jewellery house Cartier broke the codes with its Trinity ring which mixed three rings, all of a different gold (yellow, grey and pink).

Today, nothing prevents you from accumulating your jewellery, let alone mixing them. To accumulate bracelets, wear them in odd numbers. For example, for 3 women’s bracelets, choose two gold and one silver model.

Discover our collection of women’s bracelets of all types, shapes and styles.

Don’t hesitate to ask us in the Live Chat to find the best accessory, to find out which outfit to wear it with, for gift advice, to choose the right colour or shape, to know your size, to have a precise idea of the material, etc.

Bracelets for women

All women's bracelet models

Our jewellery is made from semi-precious stones and natural stones.
All our accessories are made to order and by hand in our workshop in Paris.

Fancy anklet “le petit gipsy” (Copie) (Copie) (Copie) (Copie) (Copie)


Fancy anklet “le petit gipsy” (Copie) (Copie) (Copie) (Copie)


Fancy anklet “le petit gipsy” (Copie) (Copie) (Copie)


Fancy anklet “le petit gipsy”

Mother of pearl bracelet

Mother-of-pearl bead bracelet “Le Comporta”

Women's bracelet

bracelet with seed beads “Le toupie”

Gold link bracelet

Link bracelet “Le petit gangsta”

Bracelet perles eau douce

Freshwater pearl bracelet “Le Chic”

Shell bracelet - le blanche

Shell pearl bracelet “Le Blanche”

Agate pearl bracelet

Agate pearl bracelet “le Venitien”

Freshwater pearl bracelet

Golden link bracelet “Le Parisien”