Glasses chain

In 2017, LE MARTINE has relaunched this glasses necklace with a fashionable and contemporary look. Thus becoming the small French brand of reference in many countries for eyewear chains.

Above all, the eyewear chain is an original and very practical accessory! This once-forgotten costume jewellery is back as a must-have for women’s accessories because the fashion of the 90s is back!

So don’t leave your glasses at home or in your handbag, hang them proudly around your neck 😉

Frequently asked questions about glasses chains

The glasses chain is taking advantage of two levers at the moment to come back to the forefront.

First, the revival of the 80-90s in fashion (forgotten sports brands, flashy colours, haircuts, tie and dye, etc.).

Then, thanks to the optical brands that have invested in marketing for the last ten years. The result is a real sunglasses fashion that renews itself every year.

All our chains are adjustable with a silicone attachment. On a thin frame (metal for example), prefer to wear your jewellery on the front of the temples, as close as possible to the glasses. On a wider frame, you will have the choice to wear your glasses chain on the front or the back of the temples. Indeed, the tip of the eyeglass clip will be tight all along the frame. 'is the practical aspect of a chain of glasses, you can let your binoculars hang around your neck without risk of losing them ! Moreover, with our exclusive "necklace" option ! Your magnificent eyeglass chain can be transformed into a real necklace thanks to a double hook custom-made in our workshop.

We like to talk about eyewear jewellery because all our glasses chains measure about 70 centimetres in length. They can be turned into a necklace thanks to a gold-plated double carabiner attachment system. The eyewear accessory then becomes a real piece of jewellery.


You need to ask yourself the right questions :

I would like to wear it with sunglasses or glasses of sight? Is my frame thin or thick? The end caps of the eyeglasses are either transparent or black depending on the colour of the frame?

It is a practical and pleasant accessory !

Practical, because you will never lose your pair of glasses again at the beach, at the restaurant or at the office.

Pleasant, because no more ugly rubber cord for sports fans or grandparents. Our eyewear jewels are made of natural or semi-precious pearls or chains.

At the arrival of summer, this jewel is a best seller at all the eyewear accessory retailers.

The range of "costume" glasses chains offers more fun jewellery for sunny days. We imagine these models with flashier colours, shells, bigger pearls...

You will sublimate your pair of sunglasses !

The range of permanent eyewear chains and chains offers jewellery that is easy to wear all year round. The accessory can be worn on a pair of sunglasses as well as on a pair of glasses.

Each model is compatible with all glasses frames available on the market. Whether your pair is thin or wide, metal or plastic, the rubber tips fit.

First, there are some luxury brands that have launched glasses attachments integrated into the frame. This is the case with the Chanel eyewear chain where you have to buy the metal sunglasses pair on sale at Chanel for a total of about 700 euros.

Another example with the Chloe eyewear chain. As in the previous example, but this is a chain for eyeglasses this time that attaches to the cambers of the Chloé glasses and forms a T.

If you decide to buy your favourite eyeglass attachment from LE MARTINE, you will be able to fit it to all your frames. The rubber tips fit very well on a pair with wide temples like Ray Ban or Peter and May.

You will have to be more delicate if you hang your chain on a thin metal eyeglass like Oliver People or Polette glasses.

We select lots of our semi-precious stones with as much finesse as possible. These are purchased directly during trips, from wholesalers or at shows. The pearls which would present defects are discarded at the time of the assembly in our workshops in Paris.

There is no certificate of authenticity for the semi-precious stones as we sometimes ask the Martinettes. This type of certificate exists on precious stones only.

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This health crisis won't stop a Martinette from getting creative! To combine style and surgical mask, we suggest you accessorize these sad pieces of fabric with your glasses chains.

In fact, we had launched the double attachment in 2017, which you can find in all competitors now! Well, we are delighted that it is now also used to keep your mask in place.

You have a choice when you buy your jewellery. Select the "necklace" option when you add the bezel clip to your shopping cart.

The choice is yours when you buy your jewellery.

If you need advice (colour, size, material), don’t hesitate to use our live chat, we are very reactive.

New Collection Autumn Winter 2022

Limited edition eyewear jewelry

Plastic glasses chain

Yellow glasses chain “Le Fluo”

Plastic glasses chain

Turquoise glasses chain “Le Fluo”

Fuschia glasses chain

Fuchsia glasses chain “Le Fluo”


Glasses chain purple “Le Fluo”


Chains of glasses in big mesh

Timeless, visual and light as air, a chain link eyewear is the first model to have in your collection. They work perfectly with sunglasses with thick temples, like ray ban or other famous brands.

Eyeglass chain in small mesh

Tortoiseshell glasses cord “L’écaille” (Copie)

Chain of glasses large mesh multicoloured

Large link glasses chain “Le Candy” (Copie) (Copie)

Eyeglass chain big mesh black

Large link glasses chain “Le Candy” (Copie)

Yellow glasses chain

Yellow glasses chain “Le Sugar – Citron” ENG

Accroche lunette

Large link glasses chain “Le Candy”

Cordon lunettes en grosse maille

Tortoiseshell glasses cord “L’écaille”

Chaine de lunettes grosse maille

Large link glasses chain – Le Maillon

Chaine de lunettes écaille vert

Link glasses chain “Le Candy Vert”

Chaine de lunettes écaille rose

Link glasses chain “Le Candy rose”


Glasses chain in metal

With a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, our metal eyeglass chains will accompany you every day of the year. This range of eyewear jewelry is made of different materials to suit your preferences: gold-plated, silver-plated or stainless steel.

Silver bezel cord

Golden glasses cord “The Gangsta” (Copie)

Eyeglass chain

Golden eyeglass chain “L’intemporel” (Copie)

Trendy glasses cord

Trendy glasses cord “Le Floral”

Glasses cord

Golden glasses cord “The Gangsta”


Glasses chain silver “Le Gizeh”

Chaine lunette doré

Golden glasses chain “Le Gizeh”

Chainette lunettes plaqué or

Gold plated chains for glasses “Le Contemporain”

Chainette lunettes plaqué or

Golden eyeglass chain “L’intemporel”

Chaine lunette de soleil - Le Bahia

Sunglasse chain “le bahia”

chainette de lunettes dorée - Le Glamour

Golden glasses chain “le glamour”


Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Chain glasses shell heishi

Shell glasses chain “Le Sable”

Beaded glasses chain

Chain glasses in semi-precious pearls “L’Azur”

Shell glasses chain

shell glasses chain “Le Sunshine”

Glasses chain holder

Beaded glasses chain “Le Festival”

Wooden glasses chain

Wooden glasses chain “Le Toupie”

Glasses chain

Coco glasses chain “Le Bohème”

Chaine lunettes

Nacre pearl eyeglass chain “Le Mykonos”

Chaine de lunettes petites perles

Glasses chain little pearls “Le Pure”

Chaine pour lunettes de vue

Eyeglasses chain in glass bead

Chaine de lunettes nacre

Glasses chain “le provence”

Chaine pour lunettes blanche et turquoise coquillage

Glasses chain “le turquoise”

Chaine de lunettes corail

Glasses chain “le corail”

Chaine de lunettes le lagon

glasses chain “le lagon”

Chaine de lunettes bleue

Glasses chain “le cyclade”


Glasses chain “le coquillage”

Chaine lunette perle peace

Glasses chain “le peace”

Chaine de lunettes heishi

Glasses for chain “le romance”



Black glasses cord

Black glasses cord “Le Majesté”

Cordon pour lunettes de vue

Cord for glasses “Le tourterelle”

Seashell glasses chain

Seashell glasses chain “Le Holiday”

Chaine de lunette originale

Pearl glasses chain “L’artiste”

Coconut pearl glasses cord "Le récif"

Coconut pearl glasses cord “Le récif”

mother-of-pearl glasses chain le blanc

Glasses chain “le blanc”

Chaine de lunettes Swarowski - Le Chance

Swarovski glasses chain “le chance”


Glasses chains for man

The gentlemen are full of elegance. They will add style and complete your summer look. LE MARTINE products are a mix of wood and semi-precious stones. Be chic right off the beach!

Glasses chain for men - Le Tigre

Cord for glasses “le tigre”

Cord for glasses - Le Mâle

Cord for glasses “le mâle”

Cord for glasses - Le Riviera

Cord for glasses “le riviera”


Children's glasses chains

If Myrtille wants to be like Mummy, no more excuses! We are developing this range of eyewear cords for the youngest by favouring less precious stones. The jewellery is also reinforced on the thread so that our children are not hindered in their activities. The collection is going to grow with the arrival of summer.

Cordon de lunettes enfant - Le Boutchou

Children’s eyeglass straps “le boutchou”