Necklace for woman

Classic long necklace or choker, we expand our range every month. The good news is that the necklace can be worn with everything, it sublimates our outfits and gives us that little bit of sexy we love.

Tell us what you think of our women’s necklace collection. And share your ideas with us, Les Martinettes! As you know, several models were born from customer requests or ideas ­čśë

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Whatever our look or style, it’s your little fashion detail if there was only one!

To match it, you can try anything: round or v-necks, neckline tops, shirts, bustiers, etc.

Avoid turtlenecks with a choker necklace ! Or wear your necklace over the fabric for a very chic effect.

To begin with, the accumulation of faceplate collars is avoided. Instead, we opt for fine, more or less matching jewellery. Don’t hesitate to mix gold, silver and rose gold for eclectic ornaments.

The best way to keep up with the trend is to opt for different necklace lengths. For example, you can choose a choker-style choker, a slightly longer light chain with a pendant and long necklace.

You can also wear three chains of the same length and add a slightly longer necklace. The main thing is to avoid them getting too tangled up and not being seen.

To accumulate them, just one thing: have fun! Depending on the shape and style of your necklace, it’s up to you to jostle the codes to accumulate them, to your liking. You can mix and match different charms or pendants, for example: a heart, a letter, a star, etc.

Another fashion trend from the 90s that we hadn’t seen (re)coming! The choker has never been so stylish. Since last year, it has been seen absolutely everywhere.

To choose it, you have to pay attention to your morphology. Indeed, to emphasize your head carriage, avoid choosing a choker necklace that is too wide if you have a small neck. Conversely, if you have a slender neck, you can wear it thin.

For an evening look, you can dare to wear a low-cut suit jacket alone with accumulate necklaces.

Here, your jewellery is the central element of your outfit, so opt for sobriety for the rest of the accessories.

If you need advice on how to choose your pearl necklace (colour, size, material), don’t hesitate to use our live chat, we are very reactive.

Necklaces for women - Autumn Winter 22

Necklaces for women - Spring Summer 21

multicoloured bead necklace

Choker necklace “Le Rainbow”

Fancy pearl necklace for women

Necklace glass bead “Le flamant” (Copie)

necklace chain golden links

Necklace long pendant “Le Tr├ęsor”

freshwater pearl necklace

Necklace glass bead “Le flamant” ENG


Necklaces for women - Summer 2021 collection

Pearl choker necklace

Glass pearl necklace “L’amoureux”

Multicoloured necklace

multicolored pearl necklace “Le Festif”

Women's large mesh necklace

Necklace chain links “Le Gangsta”

Collier de perles

Costume pearl necklace “Le Toscane”

Collier en perles

Bamboo pearls necklace “Le Shark”


Necklace - Summer 2020

Necklace “Le Maasa├»”

collier or perle blanche

Necklace “Le Duba├»”

collier femme dor├ę et blanc

Long necklace “Le Palme”


Adjustable necklace

black white and gold pearl necklace

adjustable necklace “Le Venise”

gold and white pearl necklace

Adjustable necklace “Le Oslo”