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The existence of pruning chains dates back to Antiquity and these body jewels have never gone out of fashion! This summer belly chains have once again become very trendy.

Adopt a total boho look with our belly chains and bring out your femininity! On top of that, it’s also the opportunity to match your gold-plated or silver waist chain with your favourite piercing.

We are going to develop the range of waist chains to offer you, as usual, feminine jewellery made in France, of quality and at the fairest price.

All you need to know about waist chains

First of all, do you want your belly jewellery necklaces to be on your waist, your hips, your belly button ?

After cutting, wrap a tape measure or string around this part of your body to measure the length. If you are using a chain, mark it where the two ends meet and then measure this length with a ruler. Try not to tighten the string or tape too tightly around your belly. The result will naturally be a little tighter.

Some removable waist beads are adjustable or come with extensions.

The waist chain is a traditional African accessory made of small glass beads on a string or thread worn around the hips. It is also called waist beads, belly beads or belly bead chains. The waist chain is a popular accessory among women all over the world.

Some waist beads were permanent. This means that the chain does not stretch and there is no clasp to thread or remove the beads. These jewels are designed to stay on the body until they break or you decide to cut them off permanently.

Weight awareness

Waist chains are used to assess weight changes. Rather than standing on a scale, people can use waist chains to keep track of any weight gain or loss in the abdomen.


In parts of the world where waist chains are a cultural tradition, beads are often associated with femininity, maturity and growth.

Intimacy and fertility

Many women around the world use the waist chain in intimate environments to enhance their sensuality. It is also closely related to fertility.


Belly chains are also available for pregnant women. They are thought to protect the mother and the growing baby.


This accessory has African origins. Waist chains are a popular way for black women in the Diaspora to connect with their ancestors and celebrate their heritage and cultural practices.


Waist chains can help a person become more aware of their stomach and posture. They can remind you to sit up straight, engage your stomach muscles, relax your back and breathe properly.

Here is the meaning of all the colours of jewellery :

  • Black : Power and protection.
  • Blue: Loyalty and truth.
  • Brown: Earth and stability.
  • Gold: Health, power and wealth.
  • Violet: Royalty, spirituality, wisdom.
  • Green: Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity.
  • Orange: Courage, self-confidence and vitality.
  • Yellow: Energy, joy and happiness.
  • Rose: Care, beauty, love and kindness.
  • Red: Confidence and vitality.
  • Turquoise: Communication.

Your belly chains are made to order, within 5 to 7 days.  

Your body jewellery is delivered by tracked parcel and generally requires between 3 and 4 working days by La Poste. 

If your order is abnormally late, do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat. We will do our best to find your fancy jewellery. 

If you need advice (colour, size, material), don’t hesitate to use our live chat, we are very reactive.

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All our body jewellery is made to measure and to order in our workshop in Paris.
You will find waist chains to accessorise beachwear, bikinis or lace underwear. You can add a light pendant to be even more irresistible. ❤️

Belly chain

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