Ankle chain

Ankle chain

When invading America in the 1970s, the ankle chain was the favourite piece of clothing for women wishing to show their freedom. Indeed, holding these jewels symbolized the bohemian style.

This year, the anklet is the latest costume jewellery making a big comeback, especially during the summer months to accessorize your outfit.

The LE MARTINE foot jewellery collection has been thought out to please all our Martinettes (our client’s little nickname). We wanted to revisit this ancestral foot bracelet in the spirit of the brand.

Whatever your kick, small, medium or stronger, the ankle chain models available are adjustable to your size. If you wish, we can also sell you custom-made jewellery to your precise ankle size. (No extra charge will be made).

Frequently asked questions about ankle chains

Today, in this eclectic period where all borders are blurred, stereotypes and traditions no longer mean anything. Don't try to attribute a meaning, whether you wear the bracelet on your right or left ankle, it doesn't matter.

Nowadays, the ankle chain has no special meaning apart from a note of good taste and attention to your outfit.

However, in Christianity it is the left side that is considered the symbol of the Devil and of everything related to the forces of evil in general.

Wearing a chain on the right ankle symbolised that the person wearing it is of a non-traditional sexual orientation.

Wearing an ankle chain is sometimes the symbol of belonging to a group.

Thus, in the 20th century, it was imagined that a woman wearing an ankle bracelet was single or looking for an adventure. Unlike those who wore a ring.

Nevertheless, just as the ring (wedding band) is usually worn on the left ring finger, thus expressing the marital status of its owner, anklets were also offered to the bride by the groom as a symbol of love in another time.

Finally, wearing your anklet chain on the right or on the left has never meant much, so don't ask yourself the question 😉


The ankle bracelet is undeniably an accessory that is coming back into fashion. But what a question, fashion is an eternal restart, first the chains of glasses and foot jewellery now !

This jewellery offers different possible looks to women. But displaying this jewellery sometimes has a hidden meaning that we explain at the bottom of the page. We have gone back up the ankle chain trail and we offer you a few lines of history about this foot jewellery and its antiquity.

Sellers today offer anklets whose prices vary according to the materials used.

  1. Gold anklets: needless to say that gold anklets are indicators of luxury and especially when decorated with precious stones. li> Silver anklets: they are more casual and give a bohemian spirit to your look. They can be ideal to accompany summer sandals, whether high or flat heels.
  2. Ankle chains made of pearls or with pictogram pendants. These foot jewels can be matched with sandals or flip-flops for the beach. These are models of jewellery that go everywhere and for all women in summer.
  3. Ankle chains with charms: very popular versions at the moment like the bracelets on the wrist of the rest. Whether you prefer your initials, a lucky heart or perhaps a star, your anklet with charms will become a hyphen to underline your individuality.
  4. Finally, an anklet jewellery will be more difficult to wear with high shoes or strappy sandals.
  5. If you wear an anklet chain, also be careful with your tights, which could be damaged by the jewel.

If you need help choosing your anklet bracelets, use our live chat.

While Western culture only began to display ankle chains in the 20th century, the history in Eastern culture goes back to ancient times. The first forms of ankle chains were discovered while excavating in Sumerian tombs. The Sumerians are considered to be equal to the "cradle of civilization".

In ancient India, ankle chains were more widely used than in the rest of the world. They could indicate a woman's marital status or just be a beauty accessory. Precious anklets are now an integral part of Indian bridal ensembles, along with the traditional sari and a plethora of other precious jewellery.

Archaeological excavations have identified a series of anklets made from different metals and stones, both precious and more common.

In ancient Egypt, the bracelets worn around women's ankles spoke volumes about their wealth and status. A woman wearing a gold or silver bracelet decorated with precious stones obviously claimed that she was the wife of a rich man, whereas slaves usually wore leather, metal or shell bracelets.

If you need advice or if you have a question about colour, size, materials, an outfit… To guide you in your choice, do not hesitate to use our live chat.

Anklets bracelets

The permanent collection of ankle chains offers all types of jewellery, for all tastes and all sizes!
We offer you anklets made of shells, chains, pearls and metal (stainless steel to go in the water).
The jewellery is made from semi-precious stones and natural stones. All of these costume jewels are made to order and by hand in our small workshop in Paris.

Gold ankle chain – Le petit Gizeh

Ankle chain

Chaine de cheville perlée “Le petit Estival” ENG

Ankle chain

Bracelet de cheville perles Heishi “Le petit Coco” ENG

Ankle chain

Bracelet de cheville perle “Le petit Rainbow” ENG

Gold link ankle chain

Fancy anklet “Le petit panache” (Copie)

Shell ankle bracelet

Shell ankle bracelet “le petit holiday”